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Аккорды, текст к песне 'Misery' исполнителя (композитора) The Maine. На сайте может быть представлено несколько вариантов, проверьте. Текст и слова песни The Maine - Misery, The Maine перевод песни, клип онлайн, аккорды. Verse 1 I'll say this once again. You people, you are my friends. The devil, he can't come in. Tonight, that's right Chorus Looking for misery, but she found. Текст I'll say this once again. You people you aren't my friends. The devil he can't come in. Tonight, that's right. Looking for misery. But she found. Скачать песню The Maine — Diet Soda Society, слушать трек, посмотреть клип и найти текст песни. Мы нашли 48 аккордов для песни: "Birthmark от Sleep Spindles". . running like a plover Am D Now I'm prone to misery Мы нашли 22 аккордов для песни: "N ggas in Paris illmind remix от Mack". . Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Mack Maine Young Money This is how I play. . you like a remix Then I'll raise you like a phoenix Wearing our vintage misery Maroon 5 Playlist by Maroon-5 on SoundCloud Maroon 5, Адам Ливайн, Текст. Подробнее. . The Maine The Maine. 6 years ago; 123,564 views. Check out a video of The Maine performing "Misery" live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The video is 1 of 17 АККОРДЫ: Куплет:.